Ágnes Dankó


When designing women's garment I pursue for the harmony between leisure and femininity. The satisfaction of women who feel more feminine in Magenta dresses give me the inspiration for my daily work. My commitment and devotion can be understood in every detail of my colleagues' work as well.  May the energy of love and happiness be with everybody!

Ágnes Dankó


A success story with a positive intellect

MAGENTA’s brand history started fifteen years ago. Ágnes Dankó, who already had fifteen years of experience at the time launched her first short series collections with her excellent team of professionals and countless innovative ideas. Her unique commercial philosophy, the continuous development and the well-oiled teamwork have made the brand into a success story by today. MAGENTA has acquired a distinguished business position both in Hungary and abroad, thanks to our 21 domestic brand shops and 60 retail partners.

The Hungarian brand’s creations are brought to life in harmony with brand principles and represent creativity and continuous reinvention, whilst reflecting on international trends and adapting these to Hungarian women’s style. Our principle is to follow trends without stepping on the toes of wearability. Every piece shows you the future without overdoing it and our collections are created with unique concepts in mind. We make them for women who consciously communicate with their appearance and for whom dressing up is a way of realising their femininity and expressing their elegance, playfulness and passion.

MAGENTA has great many collections in the archives, which were all created with modern-day challenges in mind. Our range integrates pieces from different styles (urban, business, causal, evening) well. We have the perfect office look for working women thanks to our basic pieces such as pencil skirts, revolutionary-cut trousers, our always reinvented blouses and well-tailored blazers. We also have comfortable and sporty pieces for the 21st century woman running errands in the city, such as modern-tailored tunics with sporty details, jeans, tops, bottoms, vests and coats to help you look fashionable. At the same time, the collection offers a strong presence of elegant, chic, ultra-feminine styles. Our characteristic tailor solutions, noble details and special material-matches all contribute to the charmingly fashionable elegance we add to a woman’s look. The collections house subtle as well as lively colours, bold and geometric prints, simple, causal and progressive lines.

Our team’s ideas are not only present in our special pieces, but our business policy in the Hungarian fashion industry as well. Every product is unique and part of limited series and is manufactured in Hungary, so as to strengthen our home industry. Our market stability is also marked by commercial partnership, the fair trade philosophy of which goes beyond short-term business goals and so it helps smaller manufactures and local communities through them. Our business principle includes ethical employment provided by regulated manufacturing conditions and by respecting our employees’ human rights and values and providing a good work environment and fair remuneration.

Materials which will embody the designer’s ideas have a key role in the manufacturing process, which is why we only work with the highest quality, carefully selected Italian materials. We set MAGENTA’s prestige an international benchmark by purchasing our materials from the same factories as where Michael Kors, Fendi and Chanel fashion moguls do. In addition to tailoring solutions and materials, the high quality we deliver is also present in our quality-centred manufacturing.

All our products go through a multiple-stage quality check before they can be placed on the shelves. MAGENTA is laying the groundwork for spreading western practices in our manufacturing technology as well, since we place great emphasis on environmental protection, selective waste management and recycling throughout the manufacturing process. Our energy-efficient machine lines and the centre both support a sustainable future. The company makes clothes from leftover materials for children, which we donate to nurseries and kindergartens in underprivileged areas.

There are important messages hidden behind the MAGENTA collections. Our brand represents a certain kind of strong intellect guided by a positive, life-affirming outlook and spiritism. Many of our pieces carry short, thoughtful and heart-warming messages, which can help start your day in a positive way. All of our products carry an all-embracing love-energy from manufacturing all the way to the shelves, which our customers are happy to identify with, and which means they are happy to agree to commit to MAGENTA.

The Hungarian success story does not end here. MAGENTA’s collections for modern and stylish women will be available soon in Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine.